Course Name Global Business Strategy

Course Name Global Business Strategy

Topic paper premise: You are on the executive team of a major company and are considering an expansion outside the U.S. market. Select a company and a country that you will be expanding into.

Some common examples of papers are IKEA expanding to U.S., Walmart expanding to China, or McDonald’s expanding to Russia or Japan.

None of these will be approved. Please be more creative and original.

  1. Choose a publicly traded company to study that is headquartered in the U.S.
  2. Choose a country outside the U.S. to expand your business into.
  3. The company you select must not have already expanded into the country you choose.


  1. Must be a minimum of 10 pages in length including the works cited page.
  2. The paper must adhere to MLA standards.
  3. Whatever company, country, and strategy you choose, the paper must include the following elements, in this order.
  • A brief description of the company
  • A description on the company’s products or services
  • A brief description of the country you are expanding your business to
  • Some important business do’s and don’ts for this country
  • An in-depth description of the steps you would take (i.e. your strategy) to expand the company outside of the U.S. market (this will be the biggest section of your paper)
  • Final thoughts/summary.
  • Cite all sources in your paper

Use the attached MLA template .doc for your paper.