510 module 3 discussion-organizational success: power and influence

Jane Doe has a promising career at University Hospital. In six months of working, she has been promoted to Associate Director and tasked with overseeing consumer quality and satisfaction, which will be used to support the hospital’s new vision and mission. This is Jane’s first big assignment, which is to develop a campaign aimed toward adult learners across several departments. However, her project is at risk due to a 32-year veteran on her team, named John Doster, who is reluctant to participate.

Jane must find a way to leverage power and influence in order to encourage and motivate John to increase his performance and participation to ensure success of the project.

Discuss the following:

  • What are the sources of power for Jane? And for John?
  • What influence tactics can Jane utilize in order to get John on board?
  • Which power bases should Jane draw on to help her influence John?
  • How does Jane use influence to get John to be more concerned about the organizational success than his own needs or desires?

Your posts will be graded on how well they meet the Discussion Requirements posted in the “Before You Begin” section. Please review this section as well as the discussion scoring rubric.