English lit week 2 forum posting

 Post your interpretation of this week’s readings.

For this week’s assignment, write a total of 3 full length pages that address each of the works assigned, as well as each of the questions below:

1. Please discuss how Winthrop’s statement that his community is to serve as a “city upon a hill” fits with Puritan ideology.

2. Please discuss your views of the withcraft essays you read.  Why do you think people were convinced that certain individuals were witches?  Did the current role of women come into play with these historical episodes?

3. Describe Anne Hutchinson’s trial.  Though she was put on trial before the witchcraft trials, do you think we can learn anything about the people who persecuted during the trials from Hutchinson’s ordeal? 

4. Discuss Mary Rowladnson’s narrative. What do feel about Mary and her story?  There were many captivity narratives in this era, but her story has become a classic; why do you think this is?

5. Discuss 3 moments within this narrative that show Mary being changed into commiserating with her American Indian captives.

6. Do you think by the end of her narrative Mary wishes to go home?  Could you argue that she had more freedom in her present community?

7. Why does Mary weep at the end of the text when she returns home?

cite sources in APA style