Receiver coffee ivey case study

Use Different Headings for Each Question. APA style, References from academic and peer review, and scholarly articles only. Keep the sentences of references short.

1. Use Ansoff’s Matrix and evaluate the type of growth Receiver is seeking, and determine the actions that are appropriate for that type of growth.

2. With the goal of growth in the wholesale market in mind, create a set of marketing tactics (i.e., product, promotion, distribution, and price) that build on current operations but would better position Receiver for the future.

3. What are the elements of the Receiver’s marketing strategy (i.e., its positioning and target market) in 2018?

4. Explain the nature of the growth experienced by the company to date.

5. Conduct a competitive analysis of the industry in which the Receiver competes.

6. Describe the customer segment(s) served by the Receiver.