Business ethics case study | Management homework help

Case Study 1 : 

answers the questions and references 


Case study 2: 

Leaked Movie Trailer and a Confidentiality Agreement:

Discussion Questions:

1)Do you think it would be wrong for Luke to share information about coming releases with friends and family? Why or why not?

2)What are acceptable and unacceptable requirements of a confidentiality agreement with an employee?

3)Was it wrong for Luke’s unknown fellow employee to release the trailer, even if it resulted in increased publicity for the movie?

4)What precedent is this situation setting by not investigating the leak?

5)What is the harm in a leaked trailer?


Case study 3: 

Deceitful Spammer or Marketing Genius?

Discussion Questions:

1)Describe the ethical dilemma or dilemmas Rachel faced.

2)Do you think Rachel’s boss’ “Cindy Anderson” strategy is ethically acceptable? Why or why not?

3)What is Rachel’s obligation to her customers and what are Rachel ‘s obligations to the company?

4)What do you think is the most important factor in how Rachel responded to the situation: That she thought the proposed “Cindy Anderson” strategy was deceitful or that she thought the strategy would cost the company customers?