China netcom: corporate governance in china (a)


1. What are the key aspects of China Netcom’s governance and how different are they from those of a publicly traded US company?

2. Analyze the various stakeholder issues that the company has to deal with within its corporate governance environment.

3. Discuss the company’s governance improvement program? How should they evolve in the future and what are the likely obstacles?

4. Evaluate China Netcom’s board of directors? Do you agree that the current board composition would help the company succeed?

Instruction :

 Cover page: Student names, case title etc. • Main report: The main report should include the following: o Introduction: A brief highlight of the background and key issues as understood by the group members. The summary should not exceed one paragraph. o Analysis: Each discussion question should be addressed clearly and should be supported by facts in the case along with any theory or course concepts. Use of class readings and case appendices to support your discussions will significantly improve the quality of your analyses and would attract higher grades.