pick 2 of the 4 “what went wrong” (p. 301)


Discussion Question #1 page 336
Pick 2 of the 4 “What Went Wrong” (p. 301)
1 page write-up for both.
Discussion Question 1. Discuss some of the examples of poor quality in IT projects presented in the “What went wrong?” sesction. Could most of these problems have been avoided? Why do you think there are so many examples of poor quality in IT Projects?

The two picked out of the four. In 1981, a small timing difference caused by a computer program change created a 1-in-67 chance that the space shuttle’s five onboard computers would not synchro-nize. https://iacademicessay.com/2021/05/26/im-working-on-a-operating-systems-writing-question-and-need-support-to-help-me/ The error caused a launch abort.

In one of the biggest software errors in banking history, Chemical Bank mistakenly deducted about $15 million from more than 100,000 customer accounts. The problem resulted from a single line of code in an updated computer program that caused the bank to process every withdrawal and transfer at its auto-mated teller machines (ATMs) twice.

For example, a person who withdrew $100 from an ATM had $200 deducted from his or her account, though the receipt in-dicated only a withdrawal of $100. https://getacademicessay.com/ The mistake affected 150,000 transactions.