Reflection papers on the movie “hitch”

I need a reflection paper that is based on 11 Chapters on the powerpoints that I have.

Basically you need to read the chapters and apply the 7 concepts mentioned in the powerpoint to the reflection paper.

This is the professor instructions as followed:


Requirements for Reflection Papers:

· You are to include 7 class concepts you see in the given documentary or movie, and tie them in to what we have discussed in lecture. (If you aren’t sure that your example is strong enough, include a 6th one and it will potentially make up for a weaker example)

· Each concept should be its own paragraph header, followed by a paragraph (or two) explaining the connection to course content. 

· Do not add filler; ie, don’t write an entire paragraph about who wrote, directed and starred in the movie and how many awards they’ve won, what other movies they’ve starred in, what their favorite color is, etc.

· Size 12 font

· Times New Roman or Arial

· 1 inch margins

· Start at the top of the first page – don’t take up half of the first page with your name, date, class, my name, etc.

· Don’t worry about a references page

· All plagiarized papers will receive a zero