This course entails completing a final project that will demonstrate


This course entails completing a Final Project that will demonstrate your proficiency in applying health-behavior theories and models related to psychosocial, cultural, and environmental factors to the development of strategies that promote behavior change in a specific population with a specific health issue. Theories are the cornerstone of health interventions, but without proper alignment between theory and strategy, effective health strategies to change behaviors will prove elusive.

The Final Project is due in Week 5; however, you will be submitting drafts of sections of the Final Project in Milestones to your Instructor for feedback. This will help you stay focused and organize your time efficiently. This week, you will complete your first milestone for the Final Project.

To prepare:

  • Review the Final Project Instructions PDF in your Learning Resources.
  • Select a population of interest and a health issue that affects this population for your Final Project.
  • Research at least one evidence-based data source to support your rationale for your selected population and health issue. To conduct your search, use Walden Library’s “Statistics & Data: Statistics & Data by Topic” resource at


In an MS Word document:

  • Sescribe in 2–3 paragraphs your population of interest and a health issue that affects this population.
  • Then, provide a brief rationale for choosing the population and health issue for your Final Project.
  • Include in your rationale how behaviors are related to this health issue. All in-text citations and references must conform to APA guidelines.