Answer the following questions related to the utopian promise movie.

Answer the following questions related to the Utopian Promise movie.  Do not attempt to answer these questions until you have watched the movie.  This counts as a quiz.  Make sure you number your responses. 

1. What is typology?  How did typology help the Puritans make sense of their world and their position within it?

 2. How did internal doubts and external enemies problematize and challenge the Puritans’ conception of their “sacred errand”?  How did Native Americans and “witches” fit into the Puritans’ sense of their mission

3. Why are the Puritans, more than any other early immigrant group, considered such an important starting point for the United State’s national culture?  Why did leaders like John F. Kennedy choose to invoke John Winthrop’s “City on a Hill” image in their late-twentieth-century speeches?