Assignment flying squadron cost report plg1 part 2


Now that you have calculated simulated annual flying squadron costs, you are required to report your findings. Remember the focus for this module is the normal distribution; specifically mean, standard deviation, z-score, and probability; what these descriptive and inferential statistics physically mean and how they are used in a simulated “real-world” problem.

You are encouraged to calculate all row and column values for mean, standard deviation, z-score, and probability so that the entire “data picture” is available. (Hint: Are there any unusual events? Either by aircraft or base?)

Report the costs in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Your MOU should be a maximum of one page with one-inch margins using 11 point font and consist of only the following three paragraphs:

  1. Introduction – Prepare the audience for what they are about to read.
  2. Results – The facts.
  3. Conclusion(s) – Results are fact-based, concise and to the point; actionable.

Review the Writing Suggestions page for tips. Use this format for your document.


TO:             97th AMW – USAF

FROM:       Student Name 

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