cmis 102 6383 introduction to problem solving and algorithm design | CMIS 102 6383 Introduction to Problem Solving and Algorithm Design (2215), 001555-01-2215-OL1-6383, 2021 Summer, Ends July 13, 2 | University of Maryland University College

 The third assignment involves writing a Python program to compute the cost of carpeting a room. Your program should prompt the user for the width and length in feet of the room and the quality of carpet to be used. A choice between three grades of carpeting should be given. You should decide on the price per square foot of the three grades on carpet. Your program must include a function that accepts the length, width, and carpet quality as parameters and returns the cost of carpeting that room. After calling that function, your program should then output the carpeting cost.

Your program should include the pseudocode used for your design in the comments. Document the values you chose for the prices per square foot of the three grades of carpet in your comments as well.

You are to submit your Python program as a text file (.py) file. In addition, you are also to submit a test plan in a Word document or a .pdf file. 15% of your grade will be based on whether the comments in your program include the pseudocode and define the values of your constants, 70% on whether your program executes correctly on all test cases and 15% on the completeness of your test report.