Data collection and analysis | Computer Science homework help

Details:  you will perform a rudimentary analysis of an existing system (more specifically, the system you plan to redesign) using the System Usability Scale (SUS). This blog will challenge you to recruit participants for your analysis, implement the SUS and interpret the data results.


1. Clearly identify (i.e. explain and discuss) the system you are analyzing. The system should be the system you plan to redesign, or a similar system. 

2. Recruit a minimum of five individuals to participate in a simple user experience questionnaire using the SUS instrument found here: SUS-Instrument.pdf

. While individuals need not be familiar with the exact system you are redesigning, they should be familar with the general category of system. Include all results in your write-up.

3. Perform a rudimentary analysis of the data. Review the instructions on how to interpret SUS here: SUS-Details.pdf

4. Interpret the results. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the system. How might this analysis contribute to the redesign of your own system.