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                            Cultural Diversity and the Public Health

         In the healthcare system, nurses are expected to encounter patients from different cultural backgrounds. Evidence shows that some cultures such as Cuban- Americans have the tendency to combine Western medicine with some rituals and herbs to aid in the healing process (Cultural diversity, 2021). Roman Catholic women are not allowed by the Church to have fertility treatments or abortions. Chinese people can consider direct eye contact as inappropriate and disrespectful (Cultural diversity, 2021). It is a great challenge for public health because each culture has a different medical approach, illness perspectives, and behavior patterns.

         Cultural competence encourages nurses to be aware of their own biases and prejudices; therefore, it allows them to treat patients with dignity and respect regardless of their background. According to Desmond (2016), this approach eliminates disparities among the different cultures and helps nurses to interact effectively with patients. Many factors should be considered, for example, the immigrant population may speak a foreign language, thus nurses must provide them with a professional interpreter service. When providing care to homeless individuals, medical workers need to avoid making assumptions or approaching them in a judgmental way (Cultural diversity, 2021). An exhaustive family assessment and active listening are the most useful tool for nurses to develop a trusting relationship with patients. The acceptance of cultural diversity is an important key in public health to develop patient-centered care and to involve the patient’s family in the decision-making process (Desmond, 2016).


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