Glaucoma | Pharmacology homework help

This week’s discussion will focus on glaucoma.  The purpose of this discussion is for students to identify the pharmacological management of glaucoma and associated nursing interventions to ensure safe administration of these medications.  When choosing nursing interventions, I would encourage you to consider strategies that promote safe medication administration in clients with visual impairments.  The course outcomes covered this week include:

  1. Apply the concepts of pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacogenomics to the use of specific medication classifications in specific health conditions, and in consideration of medication side/adverse effects, nursing implications, and medication teaching.
  2. Apply principles of health promotion, as well as illness and injury prevention, to promote safety and effectiveness of commonly used pharmacologic therapy across the lifespan, taking into consideration sociocultural, genetic/genomic, developmental, and gender implications.
  3. Utilize the nursing process in understanding the effects of drug therapy on health outcomes across the lifespan within the framework of a diverse population of individuals, families, and communities. 


Pharmacological management of glaucoma focuses on the reduction of intraocular pressure by increasing the drainage of aqueous humor, decreasing the production, or both. What drug classes are used to reduce intraocular pressure? Describe three nursing interventions to consider with these drug classes.