Journal 4-5 | HSA 4192 | Florida International University, Modesto A. Maidique Campus

Students must submit an MS Word document detailing how they can leverage the information, covered in chapters 4 and 5, in their own professional healthcare career. 

  • The submission must be at minimum a count of 300 words, but it can be longer.
  • The submission does not have to review everything single detail covered in the chapters, but it should focus on 3 key elements from the chapters. 
  • Given this is a journal, APA format is not required, but appropriate grammar and spelling must be used. In addition, credit should be given when information is borrowed from external sources.

Students should do their best not to just view this as another assignment to complete. Instead, use it to truly start to identify how they will start to move forward with their healthcare career. For example, start to ask themselves: what specific job do I want and who do I need to contact to achieve that goal?