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Need 2 labs completed, the first sooner as soon as possible and the second by April 30th

ITCO101  Unit 1 Lab 


Introduction LabSim PC Pro is used to provide a simulated, hands-on laboratory for the purposes of learning about important hardware and software concepts.  In an online environment it is impossible for students to work directly with hardware or software in administrative scenarios.  Therefore, LabSim is the tool that supports students in their pursuit to understand difficult concepts in an online environment. 

Use of LabSim PC Pro requires a one-time registration process. You should have received an activation code from the bookstore (Words of Wisdom). Notify the bookstore immediately if you have not yet received your activation code. Contact them at [email protected]  

Instructions for accessing LabSim can be found in the Course Materials section. You can also contact your instructor with any questions. You will have access to PC Pro for 36 months (3 years) from the date of registration. 

Note that LabSim PC Pro is aligned with CompTIA’s A+ certification. Completing this lab will not qualify you to complete the exam. One must complete several courses in order to cover all the concepts included in the certification exam. Further, completing the coursework does not conclude with automatic certification. Those students who wish to pursue certification may do so outside the classroom. For those students that qualify, they may contact the Registrar’s office for receipt of a discounted certification voucher honored by CompTIA. 

Hardware Requirements:  Refer here to verify that you meet the necessary Hardware Requirements. Note that you will need speakers. 

Expected Time for Completion:  Eight (8) hours or more depending on time necessary to familiarize yourself with tool and the particular Sections you choose to complete. You may complete the tasks in numerous iterations. You do not need to complete all the lab tasks in one sitting. 

Lab Description Upon completion, you will: 

 navigate LabSim modules;  experience and utilize a variety of learning tools including videos, Fact sheets, images, etc.;  interact with hardware and software in a simulated environment;  describe the various types of computer system components;  install various components including power supplies, motherboards, processors, memory, BIOS/UEFI, expansion cards, video cards, and sound cards . 


Lab Tasks Each module contains numerous Sections. Each section contains sub-sections. The last sub-section contains Practice Questions related to the topic of that sub-section. The Practice Questions are not required. Completing the Practice Questions are optional. The results of the Practice Questions do not impact your course grade one way or the other. 

Module 1.0 Computing Overview 

Complete the following three sections and the specified sub-sections to become familiar with the LabSim environment and basic computer hardware. For example, for section 1.2, complete sub-sections  1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3, 1.2.4. 


Section 1.1 Course Introduction  

Section 1.2 Using the Simulator (Review demos and complete simulations: Sections 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3, 1.2.4) 

Section 1.3 Hardware Basics (Review videos and complete simulation: Sections 1.3.1, 1.3.3, 1.3.6, 1.3.7) 

Module 3.0 System Components  

Below are numerous sections covering System Components. Many of these sections include handson simulations. You may complete any or all of these sections. You are required to choose seven sections, at a minimum. For example, you may choose Section 3.1, Section 3.2, Section 3.3, Section 3.5, Section 3.7, Section 3.8, and Section 3.14. Again, choose what is of interest to you.  Review all videos, demos and simulations included in your chosen sections.   

You are required to choose and complete seven sections only. But you may choose to complete anywhere from seven sections to all the sections, depending upon your time availability.  Note that you are permitted to return to this module at any time throughout the course and the program if you wish to complete more than your chosen sections required for this assignment. However, the grade for this will be determined based upon the chosen sections completed during Unit 1. 


Section 3.1 Cases and Form Factors (Review video only: Section 3.1.1) 

Section 3.2 Power Supplies (Review videos and complete simulation:  Sections 3.2.1, 3.2.3, 3.2.4, 3.2.5) 

Section 3.3 Motherboards and Buses (Review videos and simulation: Sections 3.3.1, 3.3.3, 3.3.5) 

Section 3.5 Processors (Review video, demo and simulations: Sections 3.5.1, 3.5.5, 3.5.7, 3.5.8) 

Section 3.7 Memory (Review videos and RAM Facts: Sections 3.7.1, 3.7.2, 3.7.4) 

Section 3.8 Memory Installation (Review video, demos, and complete simulations: Sections 3.8.1, 3.8.3, 3.8.4, 3.8.5, 3.8.7) 

Section 3.10 BIOS/UEFI (Review videos, demos, and complete simulations: Sections 3.10.1, 3.10.2, 3.10.4, 3.10.5, 3.10.6, 3.10.7, 3.10.8) 

Section 3.11 Expansion Cards (Review videos and complete simulation: Sections 3.11.1, 3.11.3, 3.11.4) 

Section 3.12 Video (Review video, demo and complete simulation: Sections 3.12.1, 3.12.3, 3.12.5) 

Section 3.13 Audio (Review videos, demo and complete simulation: Sections 3.13.1, 3.13.2, 3.13.4, 3.13.7) 

Section 3.14 Cooling (Review video: Section 3.14.1) 

The above Sections include the following hands-on simulations.  

1.2.2 Explore the Lab Interface 1.2.4 Connect Internal Components 1.3.6 Set Up a Computer 

3.2.5 Install a Power Supply 3.3.5 Choose and Install a Motherboard 3.5.7 Select and Install a Processor 1 3.5.8 Select and Install a Processor 2 3.8.3 Select Memory by Sight 3.8.7 Install Triple Channel Memory 3.10.7 Find BIOS/UEFI Settings 3.10.8 Clear CMOS Settings 3.11.4 Install Expansion Cards 3.12.5 Upgrade a Video Card 3.13.7 Select and Install a Sound Card

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