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  Instructions for Assignment 7 – The Examined Life

Assignment #7 – The Examined Life

Focus on chapter 1 page 11-31Powerpoint 10Instructions:In a brief essay (see Expectations), address this two-part prompt.

  1. Now that you have examined the logic and critical thinking in philosophy, return to Socrates’ declaration that “the unexamined life is not worth living.” What is Socrates saying about the requirement for philosophers to engage logic and critical thinking?
  2. Many people accept that it is a sign of character or intellectual strength to “stand up for what they believe in.” Explain why Socrates would not fully support this adage.

Objectives: Assignments have the following objectives:

  1. Identify and describe key concepts relevant to a theme presented in the assignment prompt.
  2. Explore ideas in philosophical depth beyond the presentation of course material.
  3. Examine course material in order to develop an informed investigation of your perspectives on a theme presented in the assignment.
  4. Research scholarly sources to help explore and expand students’ perspectives and develop critical thinking skills.
  5. Develop a cogent argument to support your position.


  • All sources must be responsibly cited and referenced. (APA STYLE)
  • Assignments should be around 750 words.