Probability problems – exercise 4-1 to exercise 9-4 select questions

Sample questions are as under:



Exercise 4-1

Q # 14


drawing a card: if one card is drawn from a deck. Find the probability of getting these results. 

a. a queen 

b. a club

c. a queen of clubs 

d. a 3 or an 8 

e. a 6 or a spade

f. a 6 and a spade 

g. a black king 

h. a red card and a 7  

i. a diamond or a heart 


j. a black card 


Exercise 6-2


Q # 4


SAT Scores. the national average SAT score (for verbal and math) is 1028. If we assume a normal distribution with sigma=92 , what is the 90th percentile score? what is the probability that a randomly selected score exceeds 1200?


There are around 20-24 problems to be answered.