Someone who is able to do capsim core competition round 3 and 4 ppt

I have attached the powerpoint that I have already made. You will just put the rest on the other slide. I have already done slides 1-3 i only need 4-7 and the reference one.

He is the link to the library to use for references. Need at least three of them.

When you open it up, you will go to Unit 6 & 7/Module 4 for this.

 On slides 4 through 7 of your PowerPoint presentation, 

1. verbally discuss and debrief your management team on the performance figures from the Round 3 and Round 4 proforma’s (which are the screen shots on slide 2 and 3) and Capsim Core Competition Round 3 and Round 4 Reports (which is an attachment). 

Elaborate on the successes and failures of each department in detail and give strategic direction to each department manager.