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Please check the attachment project term paper need to write APA format 12 to 15 pages paper as mentioned in the attachement.

Term Paper

For this paper you will compare and contrast the 5 algorithm design approaches you learned in class (divide and conquer, dynamic programming, greedy approach, backtracking, and branch and bound).The objective of the paper is to demonstrate your understanding of these concepts as explained in the textbook and weekly sessions.
You must work on the paper individually. Paper needs to be submitted to Moodle and TurnItIn report will be generated to evaluate the originality of the work.
Paper Contents
The paper should be 10-12 pages long (double spaced with font no larger than 12) and must explain each algorithm design, what kind of problems are best suited to that approach (do not just list them – explain), and how that approach is similar and/or different from the others and why you would want to use one versus the other. Give specific examples using the textbook material to demonstrate your arguments when comparing the algorithms. At the end, your paper should have a summary and conclusion of the compare and contrast.
Your 10-15 min video should give highlights for each design approach and discuss your summary and conclusions.
Submit the (1) paper as Word or PDF document and (2) video in zip file to Moodle
Grading Rubric
Each approach is explained correctly and thoroughly
There is a compare and contrast to each other for all the approaches
There is explanation what problems are well suited and which problems are not for each approach
Paper is well written (graduate level), demonstrates good understanding, and uses good examples to support the arguments
Paper has proper and complete summary and conclusion
Video gives the paper highlights, summary, and conclusions

take in put from the books of i attached and

Course Textbook and References
– Richard Neapolitan “Foundations of Algorithms 5th Edition.”
ISBN-10: 1284049191. Jones & Bartlett Learning, March 19, 2014
– Harry Hariom Choudhary “Data Structures And Algorithms.: Made Easy”
ISBN-10: 149599600X. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. February 18, 2014
– Papers, programs, or online references will be made available to supplement the text.