U.s. v. williams, 922 f.2d 737

1.     1.Brief the following case: (I have attached a go by format for question one) •U.S. v. Williams, 922 F.2d 737 (11th Cir. 1991) https://app.box.com/s/yxwb63duk8dhksp0zaew (Sample Case Brief)

2.  Paper on, An omission (or failure to act) as criminal offenses. Expand on a case dealing with the subject, or a current event from the news or Internet, and present your viewpoint or perspective on that item as it relates to the issue present in your chosen topic. Below is the guideline. Papers should be approximately two pages in length. The text will be double- spaced and formatted using APA format. Clearly identify the topic and present your personal viewpoint or perspective; however, you must also present a factual basis for that viewpoint (as opposed to an opinion paper). All references supporting the factual basis must be properly cited to the original sources in accordance with APA guidelines.