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Understand the Scenario
The DOE of your campus is hosting a series of two informational Open House events to promote STC to prospective students. She has asked you to attend one of the events and deliver a five minute presentation giving 3 or 4 reasons why those in attendances should enroll at STC.

She has invited many different types of prospective students and asks you to choose to attend one of the Open House events and tailor your presentation to that specific audience.
Presentation 1: At this event, you will be giving a speech to an audience full of students who have just graduated high school. They are young, eager, and inexperienced. They have had little experience in the work world and are all considering STC as their first college experience.

Presentation 2: At https://homeworkharbour.info/3-sectionsparagraph-one-summarywrite-a-summary-of-your-chosen-article-in-few this event, you will be giving a speech to an audience full of students who are more mature. On the whole they are older and have spent at least 10 years in the workforce. Many are changing careers or re-entering the workforce. Some have experienced hard times, some are military veterans, and some have struggled in school – all are looking for a school program that can help them land a fulfilling and stable career.

Step 3: Build your Presentation
1. Choose which of the two Open House events you would feel comfortable attending and delivering a presentation.

2. Now, think about the audience attending your chosen event. Who are they – age, socio-economic status, life experiences? What do they know, think, believe? What do you think they have in common? Develop a portrait of who would be in attendance.

3. Develop a message that you think would persuade one of those students to attend STC. Choose elements that you feel would speak to the specific audience attending your presentation. https://homeworkbay.info/2021/05/28/introduction-when-the-disorder-was-discovered-who-or-whom-discovered-it-how-i/

Your speech should contain at least three (3) main points that persuade the students in your audience should enroll at STC. Each main point should include a list of examples, stories, testimonials, etc, that you think would support your reasons and appeal to that specific audience.
Each main point should use a visual or media aid as an enhancement.

Step 4: Create Your Outline.
1. Give your speech a title
2. Write out the main message of your speech
3. Outline each main point. Include the main idea of each point, the examples you would use, and the visual or media aid you would use to enhance your ideas.
Whichever presentation is easiest for you to do is okay. Something simple, just need to turn in soon.