Write four sentences! | English homework help

 Write 4 sentences, 1 of each of the four kinds – simple, complex, compound, and

compound-complex – in that order (number them 1 – 4) about Gulliver’s Travels. It is assumed students have read the whole of the selection

of excerpts regarding Gulliver’s role in the war between the Little and Big

Enders (see new material on under classroom “readings”. The key theme you

should write about is Swift’s satirical portrayal of the British

Monarchy and Empire of the 18th century, which was the time period of his life

as an Irish Church Minister. Your sentences may be

summaries of events in the story, or interpretations, or evaluations of themes eg., whether the satirical point is well-taken, or even criticisms of Swift’s

writing. Each sentence must make a different point about the book. In other

words, none of the sentences should be redundant. Each sentence must conform to

the structure assigned, but the length can vary eg., so long as it is either a

simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex sentence, the length does not