Discussion #13 disease | Psychology homework help


Individual pediatric interventions such as supportive psychotherapy, behavioral and cognitive behavioral procedures, contingency management approaches, etc., are commonly employed tools when working with chronically ill children. However, there are compelling reasons to provide psychological treatment for this population in the context of other systems, such as their families, schools, and the hospital where they receive care. Although the importance of this biopsychosocial approach emphasizing systemic interventions is intuitive, the literature on this topic is still in its early development stages.

For this discussion, describe a psychological (preferably multi-systemic) intervention for any pediatric chronic medical condition of your interest. Provide a short (1 paragraph summary) of the intervention and discuss why you feel that targeting the particular ‘ecological layer(s)’ described is of relevance within that particular pediatric medical condition.

Some of the most recognized peer-reviewed pediatric psychology journals include the Journal of Pediatric Psychology, Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology, and Family, Systems, and Health. Feel free to consult these as resources via the NSU library e-journal interface.  Please upload a PDF copy of the selected along with your original response.