Final english 1a | English homework help

 The final exam consists of ONE short essay question 5 paragraphs–on community, the course theme we explored in class.

Please select one question only to answer.

  1. Patti Smith was honored to sing a song by her favorite composer? What was the occasion? What happened to Smith? Why is it memorable? Add a work cited.
  2.  Richard Ford writes about the meaning of home. Explain the types of definitions Ford lists in this article; which ones are his and which ones are based on what other people believe i.e popular assumptions? Add a work cited.
  3. In “A Letter from Birmingham” Dr. King explains his non-violence philosophy. What are the principles of non-violence? Why were Dr. King and his followers in Birmingham? Why were children participating in the marches? Explain. Add a work cited.
  4. “Neighbors” by Julia Alvarez is a short encounter between two worlds. What are those two worlds? What made them stand apart geographically, ethnically, economically, and linguistically? Add a work cited.
  5. Ron Finley describes himself as a “gangsta gardener.” What is his goal? What did he notice in his community? In what ways are his struggles with the City of LA symptomatic of a “guerrilla”? Add a work cited.
  6. Utinan Wong, a resilient teenager, who was born in Japan from Thai parents, is determined to appeal to obtain the Japanese citizenship. What were his struggles? Describe three. What were his achievements? Describe three. Add a work cited.
  7.  What is DACA? How was Ericka’s life  in The Dream is Now impacted by DACA? How are the lives of the protagonists in Spare Parts impacted by DACA? Give two details from each source. Add a work cited.
  8. What is the difference between a primary source and a secondary one? Give an example of each.
  9.  Steve Lopez’s interest in Nathaniel Ayers led to a book then a movie. In hindsight, what is the definition of homelessness? What can be done based on your research to address that problem? Add a work cited.
  10. To write a paragraph, one strategy is to use the MEAL pattern. Explain what the acronym stands for and your understanding of the pattern.