Environmental science ppt | Environmental science homework help


Imagine that you have been asked to present to a group of high school students about conservation strategies. Develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes the components listed below.

  • Slide      1: Include an introduction slide.
  • Slides      2–3: Explain how the field of conservation biology is important to human      beings. Provide two examples to help illustrate this point.
  • Slides      4–5: Describe the relationship between conservation science and      technology, and explain how technology aids conservation science. Provide      one example to help illustrate this point.
  • Slides      6–7: Identify one difference between a scientific idea related to the      nature of science. Present the opposing ideas for this particular concept.      Support the differences you identified with research.
  • Slide      8: Explain how math is used for conservation problem-solving by showing      calculations for the example below.
  • A      country has a total biocapacity of 6.21 ha/person, a biocapacity of      grazing land of 0.85 ha/person, and a biocapacity of forest land of 2.53      ha/person. Calculate the percentage of biocapacity from grazing and forest      land.
  • Slide      9: Include a conclusion slide.
  • Slide      10: Provide a references slide.

Your presentation must be a minimum of 10 slides in length. You must use at least one illustration, graphic, or image to enhance your presentation. Support your presentation with at least three scholarly sources from the CSU Online Library. Be sure to cite all sources using APA format.