“global tshirt” assignment | Management homework help


Associated Objective

  • Relate the course topics to a real-life scenario

We hope you enjoyed reading the story of your T-shirt as it traveled around the world. This book covers many of the most important International Business topics (e.g. free trade, trade barriers, workers’ rights, foreign direct investment, international trade, environmental concerns, etc.) in an engaging and interesting way.

For this assignment, please write a two- to four-page paper summarizing what you believe are the four most important concepts in the Global T-shirt book.

For each concept:

  • Explain why you think this concept is important
  • Discuss how this concept is still relevant today (in the 2020s)
  • Then, look into your crystal ball and discuss how these four concepts will be viewed in the 2030s. Will they will still be relevant? Explain why or why not.