Week 2 journal | Criminal homework help

All questions are worth 20 points.

  1. We often hear that criminal justice employees are unmotivated. Other than giving employees a raise, discuss two other ways to motivate employees that you agree with.  Provide rational for you reasoning.
  2. Discuss how private organizations differ from public organizations in terms of motivational tools. Recall that private organizations have the incentive of financial bonuses that are difficult for criminal justice agencies to generate.
  3. Often times, the criminal justice field has high profile specialty units that exist; for example, having a sex crimes unit or a homicide unit in a police department or state attorneys that try sex crimes or homicide crimes. The longer a person stays in these specialized units, the better they will become at their jobs. However, what are the risks of keeping people in these units for long periods of time? As a manager, how would address these concerns?
  4. After reviewing Chapter Six, how would you apply this information to make college work more meaningful?
  5. Consider why a prison official may be tempted to only use statistical data that favors his agency when presenting issues to his budgeting source. Are there ethical considerations for him to follow? Or, is he simply being loyal and advancing his agency’s survival?