Decker, the regional manager for aquatics, inc., called ali, one of


Decker, the regional manager for Aquatics, Inc., called Ali, one of the company’s sales representatives, into his office for a one-on-one meeting. Decker asked Ali how the local management was treating him. Ali responded that he was being treated fine but some of the managers needed to go back to training as they were treating the employees “real bad.” Decker then told him that there was a rumor that the sales representatives were threat- about that. Decker then asked Ali if anyone had approached him with a card to sign and he said “No.” During the course of this meeting they also discussed an anticipated employee bonus that had been drastically reduced and Decker explained that this was dependent on how the company performed. Near the end of the meeting, Decker asked Ali whether he, as a loyal employee, would be willing to let management know if someone approached him to sign a union card. Decker stated that he was going to get to the “bottom” of the union campaign. He also took notes during the course of the meeting, and told Ali that anything they discussed would “have to stay in the room” and “not to mention the meeting to anyone.” Did Decker’s meeting with Ali violate the NLRA? Explain.

Please answer the following questions:

1.Did Decker’s meeting with Ali violate the NLRA? Please explain which specific acts.

2.As an HR Manager, how would you address the situation with Decker?

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