Module 2 | Computer Science homework help

Read the 2nd chapter from your textbook covering network standards and research current trends and expectations for network telecommunication standards.

Based on what you have learned from your readings of chapter two and research into areas of network telecommunication standards. Carry your research even further exploring standardization bodies in the area of telecommunication networks including:

  • 3GPP for cellular networks, IEEE 802.11

  • BBF for wireline networks,

  • IETF for the Future Internet,

  • ONF for software-defined networks,

  • ETSI ISG NFV for network functions virtualization,

  • oneM2M for machine-to-machine communications

  • ETSI TC ITS for intelligent transportation systems.

Then prepare a prepare a five page paper discussing in scholarly detail how these standardization organizations help the telecommunications industry to support and encourage interoperability between businesses allowing a communal ground where all stakeholders can voice opinions regarding the direction these standards should follow.

General Paper Requirements:

  • Paper will need to be supported with a minimum of three academic resources, one of which can be the textbook.
  • Paper will need to follow all general formatting to meet APA standards of professional writing and research documentation including a complete reference page. 


    Submit this on Friday Evening! 25/11/2016