Review and study chapters 7-10 in the textbook (fried & fottler,


Health Personnel Management, HSM 310-90

Individual Assignment 2 (30 Points)

Module 3


  • Review and study Chapters      7-10 in the textbook (Fried & Fottler, 2015).
  • Review and study the      PowerPoints posted on Blackboard, Module 3. 
  • Imagine you are a Human Resource      Manager.  The Department Head of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit      determined they need a Health Service Manager and would like you to      provide a Job Description for the position.  Use critical thinking      skills and metacognition and create a Job Description for a Health Service      Manager. 
    • Review the Supplement,       Sample Job Description on page 179 in the textbook.
    • Go to the U.S. Bureau of       Labor Statistics at to help you       complete some of the elements in the description.
    • Include a cover page and       a reference list, see the format in the Sample Paper provided in Module       2.