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Codification Exercise: Fair Value Measurements


Go to Topic 820 in the Codification. Click on Subtopic 820. Answer the following questions. Include ASC citations were applicable. Use this webseit: ( check I am not a robot, and then Access the Basic View)

1. What is the definition of fair value?

2. The definition of fair value includes the term market participants. What are the characteristics of market participants?

3. Is fair value an “entry price” or “exit price”?

4. A transaction is assumed to occur in the principal market for an asset or liability. What is the principal market?

5. If no principal market exists, in what market is a transaction assumed to occur?

6. The fair value measurement for an asset is based on the highest and best use by market participants. What does this term mean?

7. For liabilities, what assumptions are made regarding fair value measurements?

8. Topic 820 lists three valuation techniques. List and briefly describe each of these approaches.

9. Topic 820 gives a fair value hierarchy of the inputs to the valuation techniques. List and briefly describe the three levels of the hierarchy.