Traditions 239 | Social Science homework help


The mean idea is from  "Like Water for Chocolate". the book by Laura Esquivel. I want at lest 5 quotation from the book "Like Water for Chocolate".






I. Introduction

II. Traditions and how they have a side effect on other people.

A. Like Water for Chocolate.

1. Plot Summary.

2. Analysis. (Esquivel) 

III. Examples from Like Water for Chocolate

A. Growth

1. How does this impact Tita?

2. In what ways does she change and how does this influence others? 

B. Cruelty and violence

1. The relationship between Mama Elena and Tita. 

a. How does this influence others?

2. The relationship between Pedro and Rosaura.

a. How does this influence others? (Esquivel) 

C. Traditions

1. How does this impact Tita and her relationship with the different characters? 

2. In what way do these traditions influence everyone else? 

D. Food

1. What is the role of food?

2. Why is it significant?

3. How does it influence stakeholders? (Esquivel) 

E. Analysis

1. How the book illustrates the ways various traditions impacts others? (Esquivel) 

IV. Conclusion (Esquivel)