Data abstraction problem solving 6th ed by walls

write a brief explnation about each topic and example or definition if possible

Book “Data Abstraction Problem Solving 6th ed by walls”


1) C-H-Review and Introduction

     a. Software Development

         i. High Quality Software

         ii. Code Reuse

         i i i . D o c u m e n t a t i o n

              1. Precondition

              2. Postcondition

     b. Abstract Data Types

          i. Abstraction and Data hiding

          i i . D e fi n i t i o n

          iii. ADTs vs data structures

     c. Pointers and Structs

          i. Syntax of array of pointers

          ii. Structs vs classes

     d. Dynamic Memory Allocation

          i. Memory leaks and their causes

          ii. Syntax of dynamic memory allocation/deallocation

     e. Objects and Classes

          i. Header vs .cpp file

          ii. Private vs. public


2) Array Based Lists

     a. Indroduction to Lists

          i . D e fi n i t i o n

          ii. ADT or data structure?

     b. Operations

          i. List Operations

     c. Implementations

          i. Array-based

1. Resizing arrays

          ii. Sorted array-based

                    1. Linear search

                    2. Binary search

     d . I t e r a t o r

          i. What is it for?