Acquisition, meaning, and transfer | Education homework help

Select a unit for preschoolers that you have taught in the past. If you are not currently teaching, locate a unit (ask a teacher friend if you can borrow one of theirs, find one online, et cetera). Analyze the unit in terms of acquisition, meaning, and transfer.

In your post, indicate the learning standards addressed in the unit. Address the following:

  • What evidence do you see of transfer of knowledge and skills? What are the big ideas that are being taught in the unit? How will students be able to use what they learned in future learning or in real-world situations?
  • What evidence do you see of meaning-making? What important understandings will students take from their interaction with the content?
  • What evidence do you see of acquisition? What building blocks of knowledge and skills do you see that support meaning-making?
  • What suggestions would you make to improve each of these areas in the unit you selected?
  • What question remains for you about acquisition, meaning, and transfer?