Assistance with dq com/350 | English homework help


W3DQ1:  The text lists: a) needs that people have as members of  organizations to be productive and satisfied and b) needs that organizations have for people to fulfill the goals. Which “people needs” are not being met by your organization? Which “organization needs” are people not providing? How do you find out what needs are not being met? What 2-3 specific communication actions can be taken for each of the situations? (Ch. 1)




W3DQ2: With a familiar organization in mind, identify key information technology and globalization-related advances that are being implemented or will soon be implemented. Are the changes more “automation” or “infomation” oriented? What impact are those advances having on the communication processes and organization structure of that organization? How are leaders and employees affected? What communication would you recommend to ensure the advances are effective? (Ch. 2)


W3DQ3:  Most of us have experience in traditional organizations. Based on your experience and the text, answer the following questions: What makes organizational communication effective in traditional organizations? How can leaders and employees use informal and formal communication to further the goals of the organization? What topics are presented more effectively when communicated in a centralized mode? What topics are presented more effectively in a decentralized mode? What communication tools/vehicles would be used in each case? (Ch. 3)


W3DQ4: There are literally hundreds of ways leaders can choose to communicate with employees. These are called communication vehicles. Examples are memo, email, etc.  List at least 5 ways communication can be conveyed inside an organization.