Discusion 8 | Management homework help

Before beginning work on this discussion post, review Chapter 16, “The Financials,” in your textbook. You already read this chapter during the previous week. With your review this week, specifically examine:

  • “Assumption Sheet,” pages 323–324 and “Sample Plan: Assumptions,” page 332.
  • “Sources and Use of Funds,” page 317 and “Sample Plan: Sources and Use of Funds,” page 331.
  • “Break-Even Analysis,” pages 320–321.

The financial plan must be based on decisions and facts. Investors want to know whether your business plan is realistic.

This Week’s Discussion Post

Provide a written overview of the plan assumptions and key financials based on the information contained in your business plan and your Business Plan Financials Excel Template. Be sure to include:

Key Financial

Specific Worksheet in the Business Plan Financials Excel Template

Projected SalesSales Projections worksheetPersonnel Overview

Setup and Staff Budgeting worksheets

Financing to DateCapital Investments worksheetUse of FundsCapital Expenditures worksheetBreak-Even AnalysisBreak-Even worksheet

Post at least one substantive comment to another student’s post.


  • You will use the information from this discussion post in the Week 10 assignment, Business Plan—Final.
    • A bullet point under Part 1 asks you to incorporate financial information that will help to convince the investors.