Financial planning process | Economics homework help


Dane is a young man with boundless energy and a secure job. He works as a manager at ABC company and has been there for ten years. He earns 100,000 baht per month. Because he is single and lives alone, he has no obligations to his family. His monthly obligations include a home rental, food, entertainment (e.g., Netflix, Spotify), phone bill, credit card payments, and other utilities (water bill, electricity bill), totaling approximately 65,000 baht. He has one million baht in his bank account. He is currently considering purchasing a new car which is cause around 600,000 baht, which he desires as soon as possible without interfering with his obligations or savings. in order to achieve his goal and keep his spending under control, he will need to develop a personal financial plan.

Financial Goal

His financial goal is to save 600,000 baht in one year to buy his dream car. He wants a new car because his old one has been in use for 6 years and he feels it no longer fits his style. As a result, he wishes to give it to his younger brother. And he had spent some time looking for the car he wanted, and he finally found it, and it is close enough for him to reach it without too much difficulty. So, for the time being, he would have to adjust his spending and possibly find a new source of income.

This work I want you to write about “Financial Planning Process”