Informative outline | Education homework help


  • You can choose any topic as long as it defines, describes, explains, or demonstrates something. While you might actually persuade your audience by providing information about a topic in an informative speech, the intent of your speech is to inform, not to change behavior or attitudes, which is the intent of a persuasive speech.

Steps for Your Informative Speech

  • choose topic. Is your speech a definition, description, explanation, or demonstration?
  • Write a key phrase outline (you will submit this to the assignment dropbox this week when you submit your speech).
  • Purpose Statement: Include your General Purpose Statement, Specific Purpose Statement, and Central Idea Statement in your Outline.
  • Introduction with a thesis statement: Tell the audience your topic and a preview of what is to come.
  • Body with 2–3 main points: Here you will elaborate your main points and define, describe, explain, or demonstrate.
  • Conclusion: Summarize your thesis/main topic and give a brief review of what you said.