Reaction paper for two books, three pages long (typed double-spaced,


this paper based on the reading of these two books,

Sheff, David. 2009. Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction. 

Sheff, Nic. 2009. Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines

it can be found on the website about the introduction of this book, and you can found out what it is talking about easily, also I provide some information in my providing slides, but you still need to find out some specific details in the book, also must refer to the theory slides I provide!


Final Reaction Paper request: Comparison of how both father and son view the progression of the son’s addiction to methamphetamines, tying in sociological concepts and theories. This reaction paper must be at least three pages long (typed double-spaced, Times/New Roman 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins).