Strayer fin 100 quiz 2

Review Test Submission: Quiz 2
Instructions This quiz consist of 20 multiple choice questions. The first 10 questions cover the material in Chapter 3. The second 10 questions cover the material in Chapter 4. Be sure you are in the correct Chapter when you take the quiz.

•  Question 1
 An organization that sells or markets new securities issued by businesses to individuals and institutional investors is called a (n)
•  Question 2
 The item on the liabilities and equity section of a bank’s balance sheet that represents the largest proportion of a typical bank’s assets is:
•  Question 3
 During the colonial period in the nation’s history, banks depended on:
•  Question 4
 The adequacy of capital for commercial banks as measured by regulatory authorities is:

•  Question 5
 Our system of national banks:

•  Question 6
 The holding-company device to control two or more commercial banks:

•  Question 7
 The principal assets of banks do not include:
•  Question 8
 An organization that sells shares in their firms to individuals and others and invests the proceeds in corporate and government securities is called a (n)
•  Question 9
 Legislation that provided for the separation of commercial banking and investment banking activities in the United States is called
•  Question 10
 The likelihood that borrowers are ill and would not be able to make interest and principal payments is an example of:
•  Question 11
 The dynamic actions of the Federal Reserve System:
•  Question 12
 The ___________________ conducts monetary policy for the twelve European countries that formed the European Monetary Union and adopted the euro as their common currency at the beginning of 1999.
•  Question 13
 A central bank serves the nation:
•  Question 14
 The __________________, passed in 1968, requires the clear explanation of consumer credit costs and garnishment procedures (taking wages or property by legal means) and prohibits overly high-priced credit transactions.
•  Question 15
 The Federal Open Market Committee:
•  Question 16
 The Board of Governors:
•  Question 17
 The Federal Open Market Committee:
•  Question 18
 ____________________________ prohibits discrimination in the granting of credit on the basis of sex, marital status, race, color, religion, national origin, age, or receipt of public assistance.

•  Question 19
 The Board of Governors publishes ________________, which carries articles of current interest and offers a convenient source of the statistics compiled by the Fed.
•  Question 20
 The Truth in Lending Act: