Wk 3 q1 scott | Criminal homework help

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People drawn to the Law Enforcement Profession have a strong sense of moral character. It does not matter where they grew up; they believe in good over evil. They want to help society and think they can make a difference. These predispositions are ingrained in law enforcement, and despite changes in the law, the police officers never waiver and continue the noble cause. For example, some drugs and drug use have been decriminalized over the last several years. Those convicted of drug crimes get out of prison and back into society. It is not necessarily about the drugs themselves but the process of acquiring them. Often, users will commit other crimes to feed their habit. Despite marijuana being legal in many states, criminal street gangs and organized crime are still involved in the production and sales.

Contemporary politics go against a police officer’s moral beliefs of right and wrong. Most police officers don’t believe in the current legalization trends; they have seen the pain and violence drugs cause. Their noble cause is now being portrayed as an evil cause. Since possession of methamphetamine is now a citable misdemeanor, most police officers may attempt to pursue a felony drug sales case to fulfill their need for the noble cause. Because police officers have strong moral values, convincing them to change may be impossible.