1. experiments, 2. experiments | English homework help

Unit 1.1 DB: Experiments
As scientists conducting an experiment, you need to have an experimental group and a control group for testing a hypothesis.  If you were a scientist, and with the knowledge you have, what kind of hypothesis would you test?  Provide an example of an experiment you might conduct.  Who would be in your control/experimental group?
In your responses, help your fellow students refine their answers.  Be sure to keep a professional tone.

Unit 1.2 DB: Tertiary Source
Find an interesting report of a scientific discovery that was in the news within the last five years.  Your initial source can be a newspaper, journal, or website for the general audience. This is what is considered a tertiary source.
Briefly summarize (~ 250 words)  the finding as best as you can.
Provide the citation (in APA format) for both your original source (i.e. newspaper) AND at least one primary research article that formed the basis of the news report.
Comment on the news stories of two other students. Be sure to help your classmates if you find that they did not properly cite the articles or did not locate the primary research article.