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Every participation post must be in A.P.A meaning: Please provide references, and a minimum of 90 words.  Every post must refer to the course materials, text, resereve articles, or another scholarly source. Provide in-text citations and references. 



Please answer the following discussion question at least 90 word for each response/asnwer. 


1 )  Discuss the different kinds of unified communication platforms (at least two, preferably three or more), research the features and functionality of them, and compare them based on five criteria.



 One answer in at least 90 word




DQ 2 ) Following are terms often used in the unified communication platform. Research and pick two to three terms, and describe them to the best of your knowledge and research:


  • VoIP
  • Softphone
  • Full Duplex
  • Half Duplex
  • PBX

Select 2 and describe them in at least 90 word each. 



DQ 3) How Does Share Point help us in tasks or business? 

One answer in at least 90 worlds