I chose schizophrenia as my disease for your final paper do a cause


I chose schizophrenia as my disease

For your final paper do a cause and effect paper on The Metamorphosis by applying a physical or mental illness to Gregor:

What illness does Gregor suffer from (I know he is a bug, but we are going to see him as inflicted with a disease instead). Use the book and two health journals to talk about the causes or effects or both of Gregor’s illness. Again, choose your own malady and apply it to Gregor. In your research use medical and/or psychology journals to help define Gregor’s diagnosis.

Now that you are somewhat familiar with the MLA process, along with quotes from the book you must find TWO sources from the college library (the college library online database are okay) on the illness or social phobia you are using to analyze Gregor.

Remember to look at the article I supplied on the three ways to create a cause and effect essay and use one of those methods. The paper must be thesis driven as we discussed.

* 5-7 pages, MLA style with works cited page.

* A topic accepted by me ahead of time.

* Two outside sources from our library (psychology, sociology or health journals okay).

* You must use quotes from the story itself in the paper.

* Papers are due on the day of the final – no exceptions!

Use examples from the text with quotes and work-cited page. 5-7 pages.

Cause and Effect Style

One of the three variants must be discussed.

1 variant – Multiple causes /one effect

  • Thesis statement (mentions the general effect of the situation mentioning three causes that lead to such an effect)

Ex. Hearts disease stems from smoking, diet and family shistory.

  • First cause (a more detailed look at smoking)
  • Second cause (a more detailed look at diet)
  • Third cause (a more detailed look at family history)

2 variant – One cause /multiple effects

  • Thesis statement (mentions that one factor leads to a variety of consequences)

Ex. Heart disease had a profound impact on my personal, professional and emotional life.

  • First group of effects (personal effects)
  • Second group of effects (professional effects)
  • Third group (emotional effects)

3 variant – Causal chain (Domino effect)

  • Thesis statement (mentions the first and the last parts of the chain)

Ex. My father died of heart disease, so my diet went out the window, and then I began smoking and then I had heart disease.

  • First domino (father died)
  • Second domino (started eating bad)
  • Thirst domino (smoking)
  • Last domino (heart disease).

Your choice, but it must follow one of the three variants