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1 Provide the definition of the term “minimal pair” and examples of three different pairs.


They are sets of words (often, but not only, pairs) that differ phonetically, but only in one way at a time.  pot, cot, hot, tot


2 What is the difference between a phoneme and an allophone? 


 Phonemes are abstract units, while phones are the physical realizations produced in actual speech. Each phoneme has different versions of phones.  /t/ is the phoneme while [t] is the phone  When a phone has a number of versions, we refer to them as allophones of that phoneme.


Allophones have what is known as a complementary distribution. In other words, allophones occur in distinct places in the syllable structure and therefore are not strictly interchangeable.  However, they can be exchanged with no loss of meaning and only a little strangeness of sound.




3 Which segments in the pronunciation of the following words are most likely to be affected by elision?  Explain why. 

  1.       Windmill
  2.       Vegetable
  3.       Sandbox


Elision involves the loss of a sound that would be articulated in a careful pronunciation.  The most frequently elided consonants in English are /t/ and /d/, particularly when they occur between other consonants.  you and me /juændmi/  /juənmi/  windmill /windmil/  /winmil/ In the environment of a preceding nasal [n] and a following nasal [m], the stop sound [d] is elided. 

mostly /moυstli/  /moυsli/  attempts /ətεmpts/  /ətεmps/  Vowels  Bottle /bɒtəl/  /bɒtl/  Hidden /hidən/  /hidn/  Camera /kæmərə/  /kæmrə/


4 What are open and closed syllables? Provide 3 example of each.    chech the attachement for # 4




5 Match the minimal pairs









1 ban

2 tape

3 meal

4 chain

5 vote