Need powerpoint presentation, 3-slides plus reference page

Describe your scenario.
◾Select two major decisions that must be made to solve your problem. For each one of your decisions address the following:

◾Describe the decision.
◾Discuss the process that must be taken to make the decision.
◾Explain the role that inductive and deductive reasoning play in the decision-making process.
◾Analyze how emotion and culture affected the process.
◾Describe the problem solving strategies that you would use to resolve the challenges associated with your selected scenario.
◾Analyze the role of perception, attention, memory, and language played in your selectedscenario.

This is a group assignment, I personally only NEED a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION, 3-SLIDES PLUS REFERENCE PAGE
THE SCENARIO IS: An Unhappy Marriage – to divorce or stay together- INCORPORATE THIS INTO ANALYZING THE ROLE OF PERCEPTION, ATTENTION, MEMORY AND LANGUAGE (USING THE LISTED SCENARIO). I need 3 slides of information, pictures allowed as long as information is explained within the foot notes. Thank you and please no plagerism!