Network monitoring technologies | Computer Science homework help


As a network manager in a medium-size corporation, it is your responsibility to use a proactive approach to providing security to your network.

·  Evaluate 2 network monitoring technologies.

·  These should be able to provide you with a graphical look at your network nodes and layout.

·  These technologies should both offer some alert mechanism included in the package.

·  State some advantages and disadvantages of each.

·  Compare the costs of each.

This information will need to be presented to your vice president and CIO so that funding can be provided to implement one of the solutions you are recommending.

·  In addition to the 4-5 page APA style paper, for each technology, create a 6-slide PowerPoint presentation (12 slides total). Input the information you have found on each solution.

·  Include any information that you think will be useful in helping them understand the importance of proactive network management and monitoring and how it plays a key role in maintaining a stable operating environment.

Grading Criteria:

In their responses, the students are expected to do the following in detail:

·  Make a PowerPoint presentation outlining information they have found on technology that can be used for network management and monitoring including:

·  Advantages

·  Disadvantages

·  Costs

Deliverable Length:

4-5 pages APA formatted excluding the cover page and the reference page PLUS 12 Slides