Psy reaction papers about movie in 9hrs

You will write 1-2 reaction papers using approximately 250 words per page APA style summarizing your reaction to a movie . Keep in mind that I’ve seen these movies and I do not want a review of the movie, but would like you to react to what you’ve seen and correlate with material from your assigned readings. Your paper must be consistent with APA style and structure demands. 

        find topics covered in first 7 chapters of Myers book. Must include at least seven (7) properly cited references of which 4 are from your text and 3 are from appropriate professional articles, journals, books, or Internet sources. Include a reference page, appropriate title page adhering to APA standards with the use of running head…, and abstract page, using the correct APA font spacing and margin/header formats, following paper reaction guidelines.  Total of approximately 5 pages (Title=1, Abstract=1, Reference=1, paper = 2-3).